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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Christmas is not that far away!

Here is a close up of my mantel shelf. I had some white poinsettias, but they were too white and no realtionship to the mantel shelf with glittering silver, so I added a few silver pieces and some light green (love that color with silver, I plan on getting more of that color for next year!) I am NOT finished with the mantel area YET! Lots of tweeking to do!
A small paper house I bought, I had my eye on it for a year in a German gift shop. This year I decided it would come home with me! The little bottle brush tree with silver balls is from the same shop. There is a set of Christmas lights in the cabinet. I want to add rope lighting for a more permanent installation later on. I plan on making more paper houses (for next year, this year is too full of projects already!) and this will be a model. My china cabinet is being used as a bookcase in my living room and that is where I decided to put some Christmas lights and the house. LOVING IT!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mantel shelf for CHRISTMAS!

Worked on our Mantel shelf for Chirstmas! (That is a link to my Home Projects Blog).

Yes, already working on Christmas decor because some things have to be worked on early to prepare for decorations. Here is a picture as a teaser.

I love the atmosphere at night with mood lighting!


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