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Friday, June 27, 2008

Empire table

These two first pictures were the ones with the Craig's List listing.

I brought the table home, and introduced it to my things! These are my pictures with my stuff with the table. I may not use it this way, but wanted to see if all blended and went together well. I love the Empire style! I had decided to keep all my mahogany stuff when the house sells and this table will add to that look very well. I particularly like the way the bottom shelf will hold my antique English leather luggage.

I know that in my next house I probably won't have hardwood flooring, I will miss these floors! they really go well with the furniture I have and the look I love!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New mulch in front yard

We added some new pine bark nuggets to the front yard. I like the texture of this mulch. You are looking at 4 yards of mulch! We are preparing the house for sale so there is a lot of primping going on around the inside and outside of the house! In the front where the mulch is, there is a mound and a pile of extra mulch that was later moved, that is where we had it dumped when it was delivered.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tea Time again!

Above: I baked some whoopie pies (these are RICH) and decided to take one up to my office to try it out.
Below, a new tea set I got at a yard sale ($20) this past weekend! I had the tray from a previous find. Raspberries are from my garden, roses are silk (from DH) purple flowers and lavender from my butterfly bush, the scones are pistachio-fig I baked a while back and keep some in the freezer.

Link to another Tea Time post here, Enjoy!


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