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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Wisteria blooms!

Our Wisteria plant blossomed! We had two plants in that planter on the corner of the Pergola that never flowered. We got a 2' branch from a friend's plant and just stuck it into the ground last Spring. The Pergola is 10' tall, so the vine climbed the post all last Summer and Fall. This Spring it is just taking off and gave us these beautiful blooms!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

INSPIRATIONAL picture of fabric!

Ralph Lauren fabrics! I just love this stripe! This really strikes me as 'beach' for sure! Love the crisp feeling! The one thing about my style is that I do not like all items, fabrics, furniture and accessories to blend together. I have learned through trial and error and living with furnishings that I do like the drama of high or medium-high contrast.

So, the dilema is, I love off whites, and just love creamy off whites. So, if I do some fabrics like this crisp white in that RL stripe, then mixing in the off whites might take away from the crisp look. I could do this in a room with all naturals using it as an accent. Will be fun to explore this look! I love RL so I am motivated!


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