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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Working on KITCHENS!

What we are UP TO!
We are working on my daughter's kitchen. She bought a house with NO kitchen literally.  So, we set out to make one for her!

The posts are starting here:
Florida House Blog Amy's Kitchen 1

Florida House Blog Amy's Kitchen 2

Florida House Blog Amy's Kitchen 3

Florida House Blog Amy's Kitchen 4

I have the floor plans and elevations posted.  I can't find my drawing program so I had to use Microsoft Paint!  Those of you who have tried it know it is NO fun!  I will update as we have photos to share.

When my daughter's kitchen is done, then we move onto my son's kitchen, then OUR kitchen remodel!

Christmas cone trees

 From Christmas past from Virginia house:
Cone tree on stand is styrofoam cone with silver garland wrapped around it.  Others faux mercury glass look.
 Below, Winter in a box, dollar store cone trees put inside wooden lantern and faux snow dropped in. 
 Below: Faux Mercury Glass cone trees (TJMaxx) and bead tree and styrofoam cone tree with red bead garland glued on.  Shell tree with lights made by my friend Liz from Naples Fl.
 Below: Oyster shell cone tree, mussel shell cone tree added to rest of collection (tassels hung on a couple)

 Dollar store small cone brush trees with battery spot light (silver pearl beads around tray)
 Below: silver faux mercury glass cone tree (TJMaxx)
 Below: Imported German paper houses with Dollar store cone trees, faux snow and battery spot lights.  These are in a Mahogany china cabinet used as a bookcase.

Christmas past, remembering my Oyster cone tree

 This was the sketch I made while viewing the Oyster tree a friend of mine made for Christmas when I lived in Virginia.  Below are the photos of one I made

Monday, November 21, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving 2011
I have a few new posts on this Florida Blog that I started.  You won't find the same type house I used to have in Virginia but I did a different type house.  This is a ranch style slab one story house.  This is our retirement house. And we are redoing it on a budget and enjoying the journey while we make our little nest here in Florida.
The sweat equity we put in this house is all for us, we are doing the things we want to do.  I wanted to do as much as we could when we moved in so that we can get on with the adventures of the land around us and get my DH to go fishing!  I want more time for Hobbies, photography, crafts and spoiling my grand kids!
Hope you all have a great Thanksgiving weekend!


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