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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!
My Mother's Day flowers! They were sent to me by my children. Of course I would rather see them in person, but we couldn't do that for this day. I am seeing them soon and am so excited! The are grown with their own lives, I still miss having them around when they were little.

Friday, May 8, 2009

More yard work!

Been busy in the yard! This is the view in the back of our detached garage. The constant rain has made everything green!
View in other direction, showing my herb bed on the left in the background. A few Maple trees near the pergola

A corner of the yard with new Leyland Cypress planted. The left side shows an Oak Willow, on the ground my Hostas coming back up. And to the right are my Magnolia bush and tree.

Our Dwarf Fig tree (about 5 years old) is full of figs already! (needs mulch!)

My herb bed
My River Birch tree, view to the back of the yard

View of back of garage. My butterfly bush and Rosemary plant

View from my dining room window looking over the lower deck into yard in front of detached garage, you can see my banana plants starting to come up. The back yard that used to be used for our vegetable garden, (gate is open) is now growing grass. You can see the pergola too. It had just rained a lot outside and I love the look of the dark greens that a wet yard has.


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