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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

First sign of the holidays for me!

Another Craigslist find! I thought this was kind of large, 42" across from end to end (mirror part 18") , BUT, isn't Christmas large? So, I decided this would be my ($20) Christmas wreath! I can always sell it after Christmas if I do not want to pack it to move it (might not handle the move OK).

It was all gold and I got some rub'nbuff and rubbed it on all the high spots so that the gold is the shadow. Since the gold part was antiqued, and there is a 2" depth to the piece, this makes quite a lot of texture! It has a tag from High Point NC, (not wood, a light weight material) I love silver things for Xmas, now I have my first decoration up already! I am not doing a lot this year for decor since we are moving soon and are in a temporary place, so this is exciting for me to put up.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Craigslist FIND today, just a hint of what is yet to come.

Can you guess what it is? Make in the 1800's and appears to be solid cherry. I bought it today on Craigslist and plan to use it for something other than what it's original purpose was. I just loved the texture so much. It is large, bulky and heavy!
I can see the potential for a lot of photos in the future!

I have added this photo of the 3/4 bed put together. This is the Craigslist photo.

It doesn't show it on the monitor by these photos, but the bed, I think it is solid cherry, is the same color as the two canopy headboards I just got. So, I am thinking that a bench in that guest room might be nice. We'll see what my next guest room will hold.


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