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Monday, September 21, 2009

Craigslist FIND today, just a hint of what is yet to come.

Can you guess what it is? Make in the 1800's and appears to be solid cherry. I bought it today on Craigslist and plan to use it for something other than what it's original purpose was. I just loved the texture so much. It is large, bulky and heavy!
I can see the potential for a lot of photos in the future!

I have added this photo of the 3/4 bed put together. This is the Craigslist photo.

It doesn't show it on the monitor by these photos, but the bed, I think it is solid cherry, is the same color as the two canopy headboards I just got. So, I am thinking that a bench in that guest room might be nice. We'll see what my next guest room will hold.


"Blossom" said...

Can't wait to see what you do with it..

Mary Ruth said...

I am thinking about a bench for the guest room. I have to find a house first, and then I will decide how it fits in.
Thanks for stopping by!

Kat said...

Mary Ruth Im finally visiting all my favorite blogs. This work thing just takes way to much of my time. I love all the purchases youve made. The wood on these pieces would cost more than what you paid not to mention the craftsmanship involved. You are the queen of craigslist.

Mary Ruth said...

Thanks for stopping by! You are so right, real wood like cherry and mahogany are so expensive! I love that no matter where you look on this bed, there is no MDF or plywood. I wish I had a warehouse, I would fill it up with great finds, what FUN that would be!


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