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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Vegetable Garden

Our vegetable garden last year
Grape tomatoes,
Small red watermelon,
English cucumber,
Squash, butternut squash,
speghetti squash (small variety),

Backyard gardening 2

When we planted our River Birch last year I set up an area for Hostas. They are gone now, Grizz Bear (Husky) and small animals ate them ALL!

Fig tree

We had a small area that got very wet from the A/C that is behind this fence area. I got some swamp grass from someone local on FreeCycle and dug out the area. Plant is right at home and no more puddle!

You can see a portion of the Pergola that my husband built in the back yard, gate to garden in the distance. I put some stones for a pathway to the gate.

Backyard gardening

We have had these banana palms for few years now. We cut them back every fall and cover them with mulch. They come back in the Spring. This picture was taken in June. We got a bud and baby bananas from it a couple of years ago when we had an especially warm long Spring and late Fall.

Our adopted Huskies love the shade from the Palm tree, they also eat the tender tips of the fronds! When we are not looking, some of the baby banana palms dissapear!

We have a gate in our back yard that goes into our secluded vegetable garden. I put a hayrack planter on the fence, one on each side of the gate.

Magnolia that was planted last year

Plum tree

Back of detached garage showing our River Birch Butterfly bush, wax myrtle bushes and my raised herb bed that my husband made for me.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Shell bracket shelf

This is how I found the shelf bracket at Marshalls. It had gold and was painted different colors.

I painted the shell bracket shelf with my wall color (SW Pacer White) with some burnt umber mixed in with the paint to create the shadowed areas.

Then I pained all the high spots with the straight Pacer White color.

I attached it to the wall in my Guest room.

The shelf seems to grow out of the wall and has just enough definition to make out all the shell shapes. Great shadows with low lighting.

Clock collection

I have a few clocks on my buffet unit that I use in my living room.
You will also see a lit shell tree near the picture, that is a creation made by Liz, who's site Tropic Designs is listed on this Blog.

Clock wall #1 in my dining room

Clock wall #2 in my dining room

Just a few more clocks around my house

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Comments on the Slide show of Nova Scotia

I thought I could go back and edit the slideshow, but I have no option for it now. I wanted to mention that this is the area where I grew up as a child. I love the ocean and this is where I fell in love with it! I lived on a farm and we had the best of the farm and fishing.

Nova Scotia slide show

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Guest room

Guest room
We added board and batten walls and hardwood flooring. Crown was installed at the ceiling line. Electrical outlets were moved to the baseboard area.

Window wall, shows flooring details
My two starfish laid on the display shelf area bring to mind the beach I love so much.

Master Bedroom

We put in hardwood flooring and moldings. Then our new paint. The view is from the Master Bath.
Since this was a bedroom (or being on the first floor, could become an office/den) then we decided surround the ceiling fan with a molding so that it would look like it was centered in the room. The bed in place made it look off center. This trick allows the ceiling fan to have its own fit in the space. I painted the outside of this square (this ceiling square is king size bed measurements) so that the moldings would show up more along the celing line.

Headboard wall detail. This was made from exterior shutters turned on their side and trimed to fit. This size is for a king size bed or for the backdrop of a sofa or desk. It makes the king sized bed not appear so large. This is made to go behide an upholstered headboard that we have in mind for this room.

Headboard wall detail.

Right side of headboard wall showing the room to Master Bath and Master Closet.

Flooring detail into Master Closet before sanding and finishing. (you can still see wood pieces on the floor. That is mahogany wood for the inserts and the master closet floor.
Link to Master Bedroom pics finished!

Hall 1/2 bath

I loved this fabric by Donghia and decided I would use the elements for my hallway 1/2 bath project. I used my photoshop program to change the background color to a pale blue/green to see how it would look. It was a GO!
Then, (below) we put beadboard on the ceiling and changed out the lighting fixture. We painted the walls in the color I chose.

We then removed the toilet so I could draw and paint behind it and reinstalled it. The floor is hardwood. I wanted a pale blue/green for a background instead of the color on the original fabric inspiration.


Close up of the

sink area


Views of the finished 1/2 bath

from the hallway.


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