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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Comments on the Slide show of Nova Scotia

I thought I could go back and edit the slideshow, but I have no option for it now. I wanted to mention that this is the area where I grew up as a child. I love the ocean and this is where I fell in love with it! I lived on a farm and we had the best of the farm and fishing.


PAT said...

Hi Mary Ruth! I just read about your blog. You're off to a great start! If you don't mind I'll add your blog to my blog list.

I added Judith's not long ago. I love her table settings!


C├ęcile said...

Hi Mary Ruth, Your blog is wonderful. Is this going to be a daily blog? You certainly have enough talents to share through a blog and your home is gorgeous. Many more people will have a chance to see it now.

I have two blogs, but they are both fairly quiet now. I am osting more to the knitting one. I'm not doing any decorating at the moment.


Mary Ruth said...

Hi Ceci!
I don't think it will be a daily blog, but I sure will check it daily! I will check out your blogs! Thanks for visiting and posting here! I appreciate it!

Thank you! It sure is easier to just come here and post, it was getting to be confusing remembering what size and how to post pictures on each board I go to!

See you on the boards!

Anonymous said...

Just wonderful Ruth.
It's a real credit to you!

Mary Ruth said...

Thanks Findlay! Great to hear from you Aussie! Am emailing you now!

CatieCupCake said...

VERY nicely done MaryRuth...

Mary Ruth said...

Thanks Catie! It has been FUN and a wonderful gift to have people come and comment!

Mary Ruth said...

I have a counter at the bottom of the page (scroll down) and it is fun to see the number going up of those who are viewing this Blog! But, too bad they don't all have the time to post a comment!


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