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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Master Bedroom

We put in hardwood flooring and moldings. Then our new paint. The view is from the Master Bath.
Since this was a bedroom (or being on the first floor, could become an office/den) then we decided surround the ceiling fan with a molding so that it would look like it was centered in the room. The bed in place made it look off center. This trick allows the ceiling fan to have its own fit in the space. I painted the outside of this square (this ceiling square is king size bed measurements) so that the moldings would show up more along the celing line.

Headboard wall detail. This was made from exterior shutters turned on their side and trimed to fit. This size is for a king size bed or for the backdrop of a sofa or desk. It makes the king sized bed not appear so large. This is made to go behide an upholstered headboard that we have in mind for this room.

Headboard wall detail.

Right side of headboard wall showing the room to Master Bath and Master Closet.

Flooring detail into Master Closet before sanding and finishing. (you can still see wood pieces on the floor. That is mahogany wood for the inserts and the master closet floor.
Link to Master Bedroom pics finished!

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