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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Backyard gardening

We have had these banana palms for few years now. We cut them back every fall and cover them with mulch. They come back in the Spring. This picture was taken in June. We got a bud and baby bananas from it a couple of years ago when we had an especially warm long Spring and late Fall.

Our adopted Huskies love the shade from the Palm tree, they also eat the tender tips of the fronds! When we are not looking, some of the baby banana palms dissapear!

We have a gate in our back yard that goes into our secluded vegetable garden. I put a hayrack planter on the fence, one on each side of the gate.

Magnolia that was planted last year

Plum tree

Back of detached garage showing our River Birch Butterfly bush, wax myrtle bushes and my raised herb bed that my husband made for me.

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