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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tea Time again!

Above: I baked some whoopie pies (these are RICH) and decided to take one up to my office to try it out.
Below, a new tea set I got at a yard sale ($20) this past weekend! I had the tray from a previous find. Raspberries are from my garden, roses are silk (from DH) purple flowers and lavender from my butterfly bush, the scones are pistachio-fig I baked a while back and keep some in the freezer.

Link to another Tea Time post here, Enjoy!


PAT said...

Hi Mary Ruth

I just saw these over at the "board" and had to come here to see if there were more! Absolutely love this set of photos. They are fabulous!


Mary Ruth said...

Glad to see you! Thanks so much! I just love doing this! I am sure, now, it shows! I have gotten so many positive responses, I know I MUST keep at it!

Glenda~Many Fond Memories said...

I am so glad to see you back at your blog. I missed seeing your photo's. You found a lovely set.
I guess the birds are all grown and have flown away.


Mary Ruth said...

It sure is hard when your computer is not cooperating!!! (old computer) I will be upgrading sometime soon with a new approach, can't wait, but till then I am trying to be patient!

Thanks! I love the tea set. It is a bit dinged here and there and worn around the edges (someone called it Shabby Chic style) I just love it.

And yes the birds are all grown and fly around the house and trees here, there are many from all the nests in the area! We have all types of birds that sing all day, I love the sounds even at 4:30 in the morning!

Glenda, so good to see you here, thanks for visiting! Love your blog!

Chris is *Refining Life* said...

Hi Mary Ruth! So glad you have a functioning computer again! I miss your photos & inspiration!

Love, love, LOVE the new tea set! As one who has had the priviledge of shopping with you in person, I can confirm the fact that you have "Shopping Talent Galore"!


Mary Ruth said...

Chris! Great to see you here! Thanks hon, you are so much FUN to shop with! You KNOW how to make people around you feel good, you are just so genuine and warm!
I have loved spoiling myself a bit after this past year! Playing is just so much FUN!

ginger at enchanting cottage said...

WOW! You take wonderful pictures. I love the tea pot it's beautiufl. The bird pictures are amazing. I will have to come back daily and visit.

Mary Ruth said...

Thanks! I have been having FUN! We all need that now and then!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful bargain! I love it. I've been eyeing one at the local TS--they want $69.00 for it! Keep hoping it will get marked down. Your pictures always just look so pretty. So glad you shared this with us. Kay aka Luvs from GW

Mary Ruth said...

Hi Luvs!
Thanks! I just loved spoiling myself for a bit! Glad to see you here and thanks for the wonderful comments!

Jaybird said...

Ahhhh, beautiful!!! I am on the search for two tall slim silver cream pitchers...wish I lived closer and you could help me hunt!!!
All of your pictures are beautiful...I've spent the morning oohhhhing and aaaaahing...just what I in which to lose myself!

Mary Ruth said...

Thanks! It feels good to spoil yourself once in a while! I wish you luck on your hunt for those tall cream pitchers!
There are other blogs listed here that are also good for some eye candy! Isn't Blogging FUN?
Thanks for visiting and leaving a wonderful comment!

Cynthia S. said...

Thanks so much for stopping by! and for your sweet comments too! I love your pictures! so pretty and the birdies are so cute! awwww! Stop by anytime!

The shelf certainly comes in handy for collections and it was so easy, just some ceiling molding and a flat surface did the trick ;) Enjoy your weekend! ~ hugs ~ Cynthia

Mary Ruth said...

Great to see you! Thanks, I love your style and Blog!

Fifi Flowers said...

Lovely post... you have many wonderful FINDS!

Mary Ruth said...

Thanks for visiting and leaving a wonderful comment! Your Blog is very interesting and has so many wonderful paintings and great colors! It is an inspiration!


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