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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Master Closet

Our master closet. We made all the parts, machined them and installed the closet. My husband installed the hardwood flooring first. We had torn out the old wire closet, and then I patched and painted the walls. The material is white melamine.
The top picture is of the right side, then below the picture of the left side.
This shows pictures of the valets we installed. One for me on one side and one for his side.

My husband routed the backs of the panels to fit around the new baseboard he installed (we changed out from the smaller ones when the floor was done).This picture shows the rods are adjustable and the shelf above was extended over the corners to make a shelf at the top go all the way around the closet.
Link to guest closet pictures here.


Glenda said...

What a lucky, lucky woman you are to have such a closet. It is a dream.

Mary Ruth said...

I love being organized! DH and I used to be in the business, so I am afraid I could not survive without a good closet so we had to make one for ourselves! Thanks for posting!


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