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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Teak 2 Chairs I found!

I found these two chairs on Craigslist. I love this type of chair and had wanted an oriental mix in with my things. I was happy to find these two, no damage other than scratches. I didn't know what wood they were, but we solid and only scratches and some flecked paint off the cane on the seat. I was surprised that when I turned them over while inspecting them closer there was some writing under the chair seats. TEAK! $80 for both. The sit low, so they will not block view nor impose too much 'chair' in the room. The lady I got them from said they were about 20 years old and she is the first owner.

With the type of Empire style that I like, chairs without a bulkiness to them just don't hold up to that heavy look of my Empire chest and pedistal tables. They are nice and wide and have a deep seat. I will make pillows for the seat and lumbar pillows for the back. I love the X legs (horizontal cross framed with X stretchers taken from the Curule original design), I have seen many chairs like this but I don't like the chow legs (feet turned inward) look. And some Empire pieces have this same style legs, and curves.

I like that the finish is not a thick lacquer, so I can sand these a bit and will put some tung oil on them and perhaps wax. The finish that is on them now is a dull thin layered black paint.

Another view of the two chairs.This shows my Empire styled bureau that is bulky.

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