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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bird Hatchlings in our front yard!

Thursday, April 24th, we found a bird's nest in our front yard in a bush. The mother (so far we think they are Mockingbirds or blue birds) flew off and we went to investigate and saw brown spotted blue eggs. The next morning this is what we saw in the nest.
The next day we saw this...
And today (Saturday) we saw this! They have grown a lot in 2 days!

I checked on them this morning... shhhhh! (whispering) they are asleep! They are covered in fuzz today and move as one unit together! So cute! Sunday, April 27th, they are 3 days old. This was taken on Monday 4 days old. Below: This was taken this morning (Tuesday, April 29th) See the difference in their eyes! (5 days old) And now we are seeing feathers!

We got a quick picture of the mother. She was watching me and the nest so I went back inside.Friday, May 2nd. I got this shot of them late this afternoon when all was quiet. They are covered with soft down and feathers. They didn't budge when I came up for a picture!
Saturday, they are fluffier and have more feathers! Still sleeping a lot! One week old!

On Sunday, May 4th... look at all the feathers!

And today's picture (Tuesday, May 6th) the nest is getting smaller and smaller!


Glenda said...

How sweet that is. I hope there aren't any hungry cats in the neighborhood.
It makes you want to feed them.

Can't tell what type of birds you have in Virginia.


Mary Ruth said...

They are in a thick bush and about 6' off the ground. It is a thick bush with lots of branches around. Other larger birds might be more of a threat. Trying to get a picture of the mother. Will take another pic tomorrow. This has not only been fun but so rewarding to witness!

Rosa said...

These pictures are so amazing, they look like trumpet flowers!
so cute eating and sleeping all day long.

Mary Ruth said...

Aren't they cute? They are now showing feathers!
Thanks for visiting here and commenting and my Blog!

Chris said...

Thanks for sharing these sweet little creatures with us! It is amazing to see how they grow so quickly...feathers and all! *Ü*

Mary Ruth said...

Hi Chris!
It has been harder to get near them both pappa and momma have been nearby throwing a fit if I walk that direction! Don't blame them! They make noise now with little faint high pitched squeeling!
Thanks for visiting here and commenting!

Glenda said...

Mary Ruth how are the birds doing ?

I saw this on this site and thought of you again !

Pineapple Decanter

Hope your doing fine, say hello to Judith if you see her. Her computer is being naughty.


Mary Ruth said...

Hi! DH and I have been very busy this week, out of town a lot. I did talk to Judith and her computer woes are shameful! Too bad you pay BIG $ and still have to wait and keep going back!

Thanks for thinking of me, that site has some great stuff! I found a few more things and am posting pictures on my Home Projects blog. Now I am on my way to see what is new on your Blog!

Wren Cottage said...

This is just too precious! Love your blog! :)

Mary Ruth said...

wren cottage,
Thanks! We have been following the progress of a few other nests in the yard! What a treat!
Thanks for visting and commenting here!

Candy- A Pretty Home said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I wanted to comment on your recent posts but I couldnt find a comment section so Im posting here, hope you find this comment :)
Anyways, thanks for coming to my blog and leaving a comment so that I can come your blog!!! LOVE your master closet post!!! I would love my closet all organized like that. I always wanted that!
So your from Canada too!!! Its so nice to find a fellow Canadian.
Well.....Im in Edmonton BUT guess what....Im orginally from Newfoundland :) Yep, born and raised in Nfld. Cant wait to move back one day. Most of my family and friends are still back home and I miss the rock so much.

Its so nice that you found me. Us marintimers always stick together :) :)

Hugs to you,
(a pretty home)

(im adding your blog to my bloglines so I dont miss any future posts)


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