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Friday, April 11, 2008

My Home Projects Blog

Visit my Home Projects Blog where I put the pictures of projects I do for my home decor. I am a thrifty decorator and do a lot of repurposing myself.
The link is permanently put on my front page to the left under the title picture!


Kelli - VintageVavoom said...

Mary Ruth-

Thank you so much for adding my site to your home projects blog. I just love your blog, it's so cozy and your home is beautiful!!


Mary Ruth said...

Hi Kellii! I will visit your Blog often! I love being around crative people hoping some rubs off1 Thank you for visiting here and leaving such encouraging comments!

Maureen said...

Mary Ruth! Glad to know about your blogs. I love keeping up with your projects and will stop by often. Thanks for taking the tour on my blog! Glad you found me! I added your blogs to my ponder-worthy blogs!

Mary Ruth said...

Thanks hon for coming by and your wonderful coments! Will be by to visit you again soon!


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