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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Mantel decor

I did a symmetrical setting this time, but you will see some asymmetry as that is my favorite style of vignette. This is the center of the fireplace mantel with the mirror behind it. This part shows the right side and then the left side of the mantel decorations.

This last picture shows the whole mantel. The mantel has a shelf cover over the original shelf so that I could attach nails, staples to it for the greenery without damaging the wood underneath. In reality I could lift that dark mahogany stained over shelf off with all the decor and restore the mantel underneath to its original non-holiday status.

Link to post where I showed how this top mantel shelf was made and applied click here. And on my Home Projects Blog (where I post my projects in more detail) are more instruction and pictures click here. Thanks.


Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Gorgeous, Mary Ruth!

Mary Ruth said...

Thanks Pat for stopping by! I appreciate your kind comments!

Glenda said...

This is awesome. I haven't been by for a few days and missed seeing the tree pictures. The tree is BEAUTIFUL. What a talent.


Mary Ruth said...

Thanks, you are too kind! I am so glad you stopped by here! Happy Holidays to you!

twizzis said...

I check your blog often to see what's new and time and time again I've looked at this picture with shield mirror. Sigggghhhh, just beautiful.

Mary Ruth said...

Thanks, that is my favorite too. It was the first thing I bought after the chandeliers. That set the mood for the Duncan Phyfe and other furniture and mahogany look. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a nice comment!

Sweet Designs said...

Mary Ruth, your Christmas decorating is beautiful, I especially know this ladies because I got to see it in person! I can't describe how wonderful it was to see it in real life, she has decorating down to a science, and now the Christmas decorating is the cherry on the sundae! Wonderful!

Mary Ruth said...

Judith, thanks forsuch wonderful comments! Yes, Judith lives near enough to me that we can visit once in a while!
Thank you so much for coming by and leaving such wonderful comments!
Your Blog is incredible!


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