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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy New Year!

I took down some of the silver to leave more wintery setting. I left the heavier over mantel shelf. Happy New Year Everyone! Project of mantel shelf is here on my Projects Blog.


Bunny Wilson said...

Hello Mary Ruth, and Merry Christmas! I love the two plants on your mantel. Are they live or faux? Can you post a close up for me, maybe hi-liting the other aspects of "dressing" a fireplace mantel?

Grace & Peace!

Mary Ruth said... This is a link to my other blog where I post my projects.
Happy New Year! Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year, Mary Ruth! Your mantle & entire room looks picture perfect! Amazingly pretty!

Mary Ruth said...

Hi Bonnie!
Thanks for stoppiny by! It is being de-constructed now, sad to see the accessories dissapear from the room. De-cluttering has an amazing affect on you. I can see why room rearrangers 'empty' the room before putting it back together. You have no more 'rules' as to this belongs here, and this belongs there.
Will post my 'bare rooms' soon!
We listing house for sale SOON!

Anonymous said...

Hi Mary!- I just thought to take a peek at your blog tonight.- I love all of your home decorating ideas! Oneday I want to copy the mantle shelf you made!- Also the way you do all of the walls, trim and molding is so classy, someday I hope we can do a home up a lot like yours --You are a very good designer!--Valery

Mary Ruth said...

Hi Valery!
Aren't you sweet for posting such a nice message! Thank you! I have a few pictures of the progression of that shelf on my Projects blog.
Thanks Valery for coming by and leaving such a nice message! Happy New Year!

Soov said...

Popping in to tell you how much I love your mantel! You always come up with the coolest projects.

Mary Ruth said...

Hi Lisa,
I LOVE all that beautiful jewelry you MAKE!!! I love your icon too! Thanks for stopping by, I know you are a very busy gal!

Kat said...

Mary Ruth! Your fireplace looks just as beautiful without the holiday decor.

Mary Ruth said...

Thanks Kat!
Thanks for stopping by my Blog! I have the mantel stripped down now, will post a bare-bones picture soon.
We are so busy packing I rarely go in that room these days.


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