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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Taking a few days off posting!

AS some of you already know, we are packing the house, and sprucing it up for sale. We bring boxes to storage to clear clutter, but clutter keeps finding us! ha ha.
I keep thinking we are near the end... but more shows up!
Sold some things that do not match, things I do not use, and things I do not like.

The END RESULT should be that the next time around in our newer house should be a begining with things that I like and go well together. I am hoping!

We have a few houses in mind, but cannot DO anything until we have a commitment on this one. The house just went on the market last week. We are just taking it one day at a time. As my friend Chris says on her Blog... Refining Life we are Refining our lives.

Our Goal: To downsize, live simpler, easier and in a warmer climate, with the great reward of being closer to grand children!


Gypsy aka Tam said...

Mary Ruth,
have a safe move. Moving is one of the most stressful times in someones life so be good to yourself and we'll be here when you get settled and when you are ready to decorate to your hearts content.

Gypsy aka Tam said...
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Mary Ruth said...

Thanks! I am just overwhelmed right now, but that will pass.

I am also excited at the new treasure hunts I will be making! I have to allow room for the new home to talk to me and find the right objects to fill that space.

I have carefully picked the items I want to bring as my foundation for the next settlement. The rest will evolve.

I love that I have left room for growth and expression in my next life/my next home.

Mary Ruth said...

My deleting comment was a duplicate!

misscassiecass said...

How exciting! It's so nice to be able to just rid out everything and have a fresh palette. Have fun and good luck :)

Mary Ruth said...

I think your screen name is cool by the way!
Thanks, I am feeling very positive about our move. It is a move to bring more of what we want in our lives and less of what we don't want. Refining, would be the word a friend of mine used (Chris on her Refining Life Blog)

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Happy packing, Mary Ruth. All the best in the sale of your home!

Mary Ruth said...

Thanks Pat!
I am optomistic!

nouveaustitch said...

Enjoy your break, Mary Ruth and thanks for the USB tip! I have at least three or four of those laying around here and it never occurred to me to back up! Duh.

Your blog still looks great! I love the Tea Time gallery!


Mary Ruth said...

Thanks Ellen! LOVE your new Blog! I have to go and read everything! You are so talented and such a wonderful gal for sharing your drapery and sewing skills!
Thanks for visiting!


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