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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bombay Blue & White dishes

My latest thrift store find. There is a Salvation Army near me and I checked it out the other day, I found these dishes at $20 for all the 12 pieces (8 plates, only 4 showing).
I left the dishes there, wanting to think it over. I am not a blue lover
so I was not anxious to have these. I went back a couple of days later
and decided because they were still there I would get them this time.
When I brought them up to the counter, the lady said '50
50% off today on dish sets! So, I got all that is in the photo for $10!
Bombay cobalt blue dishes.


Chris said...

Beautiful! Are you using them for food or decorating with them?

Mary Ruth said...

Ohhh good question! I guess I have to get a dining room first, then I will know if there is room to put them on the wall, there are enough to eat off a couple of them anyway! With 8 dinner plates, I have enough. thanks for coming by!

~ Sonny ~ said...

Oh you lucky duck. I'm so jealous lol.. I have the salad plate just like the bottom left dish in your photo.. Just found it at goodwill the other day..have fun with them ~!

Mary Ruth said...

You want to sell that salad plate? ha ha
I have found a few pieces on eBay, but will look with leisure... nothing is going to be a rush for my blue and white!

benchwarmer said...

what a score on the new blue plates at 50%off whooohooo!

i also enjoyed reading your butterflies in memory of bobene. i'm sorry for your loss and i'm guessing she soaring high about right now. butterflies do bring such joy. thanks for sharing.

benchwarmer said...

good score on you dishes at 50% off.

i enjoyed reading you butterflies in memory of bobene. i'm sure she's soaring high right now. butterflies are a favorite of mine too, especially when they visit my garden.

Sweet Designs said...

I love those dishes, you find the best buys, I am looking forward to see how you use them in your new home.

Mary Ruth said...

thanks benchwarmer. At her service they released live butterflies. Magic moment.

Mary Ruth said...

I will realize more how much I will miss you with all you have taught me!


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