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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Christmas cone trees

 From Christmas past from Virginia house:
Cone tree on stand is styrofoam cone with silver garland wrapped around it.  Others faux mercury glass look.
 Below, Winter in a box, dollar store cone trees put inside wooden lantern and faux snow dropped in. 
 Below: Faux Mercury Glass cone trees (TJMaxx) and bead tree and styrofoam cone tree with red bead garland glued on.  Shell tree with lights made by my friend Liz from Naples Fl.
 Below: Oyster shell cone tree, mussel shell cone tree added to rest of collection (tassels hung on a couple)

 Dollar store small cone brush trees with battery spot light (silver pearl beads around tray)
 Below: silver faux mercury glass cone tree (TJMaxx)
 Below: Imported German paper houses with Dollar store cone trees, faux snow and battery spot lights.  These are in a Mahogany china cabinet used as a bookcase.

4 comments: said...

am loving the Christmas decorations...there is something almost romantic about the Christmas tree in my opinion..they're so pretty..

Mary Ruth said...

Thank you, I loved putting together the decorations knowing we were leaving sometime soon (putting the house on the market)

Kris said...

Hello there,

I just popped over from Maureen's blog and wanted to let you know that I really love the different Christmas Cone trees. Lovely!


Mary Ruth said...

Thanks for stopping by Kris! I was over at your Blog this morning, beautiful photos.


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