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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dining Room, saying my goodbyes!

Saying goodbye to my dining room! We have about 15 days or so left in the house, and this dining room set will not be here as of this weekend. The dining room set is sold.

The chandelier is changed out because it did not convey with the house. We put a standard generic one as a place holder for the new owners.

I will miss this room. Those built-in cabinets sure held a lot of dishes! It took quite a few boxes to empty them.


marty39 said...

Moving and leaving homes that you've loved can be so hard. I hope your new place is even better. Hugs, Marty

Mary Ruth said...

Yes, I will be sad for all of 20 minutes. I have gotten a few tears to well up, but that is because we enjoyed this house so much. And luckily for me, I took so many photos! And I will make an album or something for us to remember it with. I might have to start a new blog for the next one because there will be lots of on-going project updates!

Well, the next place will be downsizing and down budgeting. But, there is no price on creativity! And we will just have to get creative on any builder-box we buy!


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