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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Living room goodbyes!

Looks rather bare, just before furniture is being taken out. We took the area rug up and the floors really shine through. I want some photos of the house when it's empty, and I will take those next week sometime. Time is short here (with house being sold) and it is strange to see it this bare.
Next house, a new look, some similar things, but we are ready for a new begining.


Lou Cinda said...

This is a beautiful house, but I know the next one will be even more stunning!!

Lou Cinda :)

Mary Ruth said...

Thank you! Oh the pressure on me to do the next house! Hope I can live up to the hype! ha ha!
Thanks for coming by!

Gypsy aka Tam said...

Hi Mary Ruth,
I've come to love your beautiful home through the photographs you shared. I remember most places I've left over the years, I've left with a bit of a heavy heart. I can't wait to see your new place and see your wonderful vignettes and decorating.
Have a good move dear friend,

Mary Ruth said...

AW, how sweet! My heart will be heavy for about 20 minutes! And then I will take a break for about 6 month in a small apartment waiting for transfer (DH's job that got delayed). And then, house hunting! I will share that adventure when I do it, that will be FUN! I already have some ideas in my head of what I would like to do. Budget and space will dictate what I start with.

We know that we WILL alter whatever we get. It's in our blood to do that!

Thanks for stopping by!

marty39 said...

Your home is absolutely gorgeous. I know the new owners are in 7th heaven. Your new home will be even better I'm sure. Hugs, Marty

Mary Ruth said...

hi Marty!
The new owners loved the house so much that they waived inspection and gave us our asking price! We really kept the house up so there are no surprises. DH was the superintendent in charge of this developement when it was built. We had the best framers, and house builders available to us at the time.

We put in all the moldings and extra upgrades and did them professionally, so it showed well. We had about 8 who wanted the house at the same time, but they had houses to sell, and we wanted 'no' contingencies. In a different market, it would have gotten interesting!

Great to see you here! Thanks for posting!

Ellen said...

I think this house needs a going-away party!

I'll bring the mojitos!


Mary Ruth said...

Oh Ellen that sounds GREAT! I wish! Less than two weeks left!


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