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Sunday, November 22, 2009

The beach and blue skies, Melbourne Beach, FL

I miss the blue-blue (photo not retouched, just as it came out of my point and shoot pocket camera) skies especially while standing under a palm!
Links to photos from same trip on this Blog: (use your shift key + press link to open new window)


Sweet Designs said...

Mary Ruth, it looks wonderful, you are so lucky to be going to such a pretty place. I am looking forward to talking with you when you arrive back home from your "scouting" trip!

Mary Ruth said...

Thanks Judith, BUT I am not going anywhere YET! I sure hope that the Hiring freeze ends and that DH can transfer to Florida SOON!
Thanks for stopping by and posting! Always good to hear from you.

Chris said...

Mary Ruth,

Looks like you had a great visit in Florida! You found a house you like? That's great news. I hope you are able to move soon.


Mary Ruth said...

Yes, I had a great time! But we can't move until the JOB is there, in this economy it is not wise to move without a job!
Somehow I will get to a happy place! And meantime, I am happy here knowing I will be moving sometime in the near future.

Nouveau Stitch said...

Glad you had the chance to visit Florida! I had no idea you've had a hiccup in your plan, but this too shall pass. More time for research, right?

Take care,

Mary Ruth said...

Yes a hiccup we didn't expect either because we had tons of phone conversations and communication before going down. Oh well, at least we KNOW now that we DO like it in that area very much. And there will be more houses available in one of the neighborhoods we like.


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