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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Melbourne & Satellite Beach Florida more photos...

Doubletree Hotel
This is where we stayed. I took a room on the first floor, missing some of the view, BUT we were only in the room to sleep in the dark anyway! This was the view I had on the first floor, but we could walk only the distance of a few rooms to the pool and deck walk to the beach access. The room was very private when we opened the curtains and we got lots of light! All the rooms face the ocean (East exposure) so the sunrise was wonderful!

The inground hot tub was great for warming up after walking the beach and in the water. We had GREAT weather, nice temperate temperatures and great ocean breezes! Missing it already (got home last night).
Most of the beach here have environmental protection sand dunes along the beach, the sea grape and grasses protect erosion. It provides a shield from the wind and sand/sea spray as well. When we sat outside for dinner at night around the pool, the wind was a bit tamer at the table area, then we went up on the boardwalk, the wind picked up. Was such a nice breeze!
I took this photo from the car as we drove up to the hotel after having breakfast at the Blue Berry Muffin house. Yummy with homemade muffins and pies. The blueberry muffins were fresh, moist and tasted like blueberry pie! The food was so good we ate breakfast every morning on our way out of town.
This was one of the few planters that the hotel had in the front by the entrance. I was taken by the texture and colors. These were huge, like 4' across.
I just loved the flooring! It was a type of vinyl and highly polished, but the dark mahogany color and the pale bamboo strip was just stunning! I loved walking on it and took this way to the pool instead of outside just to see the floor!

I can't believe our week went by so fast! It seemed longer when we were there because we fit in so much in a day. But, now I am home sitting at the computer and thinking it went by so fast! If I could just move there NOW I would!

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