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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cloche for my shells!

I got a wonderful gift from my friend Judith yesterday! What a special week for me! I had this wooden stand made from a candle holder and a cheese board. I had the short cheese/cloche on top, and I tried the new etched glass one that Judith gave me. Great fit! This one is taller, so I will be able to display something taller in it now and with the etching on the glass it makes whatever I put in there more special! She has been teaching me how to take better pictures. She is such a wonderful gal! Thanks Judith, I just love it!
(Also in the picture is a small jar with lavender from my yard, and dried leeks in the tall jar from our vegetable garden)

I moved the cloche to the guest room and added a bird on a stand from Pier One and will add more shells.


Sweet Designs said...

Ah, Mary Ruth, you are such a sweetie. I love the shells in there, it pairs the natural with the elegant, perfect!

Mary Ruth said...

I will put some more in there soon!
Thanks hon! You are such a great friend! See you soon!


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