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Monday, September 8, 2008

MY thoughts on decorating my home

I wrote this in March 16, 05. I wanted to post it here.

Because your home remodeling project is so personal to you and you have invested so much energy, thought, research into your project, the stakes are high when the dollar amounts are revealed to you. This is where you ‘sink or swim’. You must learn how to stay afloat amidst the rubble of samples, swatches and price quotes! Keep a level head and don’t let on that you don’t know what you are doing. Why? Because that is what the other side is doing as well! Ah, you see there is no mystery!

There is NO grand mystery to getting a project done, no matter what size it is! If you have ever organized your closet, pantry, kid’s school lunch box, or family picture album, you can master a project. To me the best way I think of the description of what to do is to describe what you do every day that is similar. Divide and conquer! Break down the larger jobs into small tasks like steps. Then go through them as if it were one step at a time with the ultimate goal of having the project cross the finish line.

Today’s laundry equipment makes doing the wash more complicated than driving your car! You gather the laundry out of the dryer and then put like objects with like. All of your husband’s things together, socks of same color together, then you have all the wash cycle choices, the temperatures, the amounts of rinse cycles, the speed of spin, well you get the idea. If you can accomplish daily tasks without stress, then you can organize anything!

Decorating is basically organizing with flair! There is no mystery. Coordinate all your functional items to harmonize and only add decorative items to fill in the empty spots, it is really that simple!

When I have a project that I really ‘get into’ I find myself lost in a different world! I really enjoy the time I spend doing it. Time just seems to stand still and the clock moves so quickly through the numbers as if they don’t have a meaning to me anymore. I love to ‘get lost’ in what I am doing (it is called ‘engaging’). And I guess that is the same approach I take to decorating. I especially like to feel something different after I change something in my home. If I add a new color for instance, I immediately feel like there is a visitor (or intrusion) in the room. When trying new colors or accessories in my home, I like to leave it alone in the room for a while and visit it once in a while to see if my mood changes towards the new object. I like to check out groupings of items with one another. I feel that the one that does not fit will stick out like a sore thumb. I won’t have to guess what fits or doesn’t fit because it will be obvious and functional items create harmony in my home.

There are times I don’t’ know what to think when it comes to my environment. After all, all we need is 4 walls, a door, a window, and a light for a room, mattress to sleep on, and a TV, phone and computer! But when the environment around me is pretty, it does something to my soul, my mood, my heart, and suits and fits me with a more complete experience. It gives me reason to smile when all else is down in my life. I feel I will be accepted and understood in this space, protected. Now that IS HOME! And HOME is what we all really want to achieve isn't it?

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