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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pumkins! Mercury Glass

The mailman brought me a package this week. I didn't order it! It was a wonderful gift from my friend Chris! It was such a wonderful surprise I had to call her right away to tell her how excited I was! It was 3 beautiful mercury glass-style pumpkins from Wisteria! I thought it would be a great opportunity to photograph them this morning as I was preparing to have some tea and a scone (baked date & pecan yesterday) Thank you so much Chris, I love them!

I introduced these treasures to my tea set. I also ran out into the yard to pick some dusty miller and magnolia branches to have greenery on the tray. I do not do much for fall decoration, but Chris really got me excited about those pumpkins!I just had to have them pose in a few ways for me!Here is the picture including my strawberries and scones. They sure were good! But somehow the setting made them taste even better!Thanks again to Chris who made me feel extra special this week for no reason! And she always is such a great friend!

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Chris said...

You are so welcome, girlfriend! Of course your vignette is lovely...dusty miller & magnolia are just perfect!

Tea & scones huh? how long will it take me to get there?

Mary Ruth said...

I hope you liked the way I showcased them! You can see how much I love them! I wish you could come over for tea! Well, someday we will get together again for a mad shopping spree and then sit down for a good dinner. Bad news the Steak and Ale where we ate is no more! New mall took over outparcels!

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

I love those Mercury Glass pumpkins! I would love to know where she got them!!! I want some too!

Mary Ruth said...

I love them too! They are from the company Wisteria ( I just added the link to the name above in the link. But it is just It is a seasonal item so you might have to call them to find out if they have any more. I think they are just called mercury glass pumpkins, they are a set of 3.
Thanks for visting my Blog and commenting! Love your Blog and will visit there often!

Sweet Designs said...

Mary Ruth, what a great gift, I know how you love the "aged mercury glass", those pumpkins are just wonderful. I love all the vignettes you did with them! Yumm the scones and strawberries really look tastey and elegant in that setting!

Mary Ruth said...

I know, I can't get over how beautiful they are! Thanks! I will just have to get you some of those scones!

Terry said...

I have been looking for mercury glass pumpkins and ran right over to Wisteria and ordered a set for me. I love how you put it all together with the tea set. I just put my tea set away because I got tired of not knowing what to do with it. But it's coming out of hiding now! Thanks for inspiring me! I'd like to post some of your pictures, please let me know it that's okay.

Mary Ruth said...

Glad you stopped by! Thanks for posting! There are so many ways to display your tea set!
Please post a link to the photos here instead of posting them. If you click on 'Links to this post' and that will lead anyone who clicks on it right to that article. Then, they can click on their back button right back to your blog!


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