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Sunday, September 14, 2008

My RL Polo knockoff linen part 2!

Ralph Lauren Linen Part I link for reference

Master Bedroom. Trying out the other pieces I have gathered to pull this room together.
This morning I was playing with the faux books I got at TJMaxx yesterday. I wanted to 'age' them a bit and put a layer of wax on them so they would have a dull sheen and be protected. I wanted to use them as a lift for my lamp. This shot shows the side of the book that would be the pages. There was only solid gold color on this part, so I dry brushed some steaks and made lots of pencil lines! I also put black paint on the deeper parts of the texture (has light texturing on the cover part) and then lighter sepia brown on the raised parts and in the corners to show wear type markings.
This picture shows the cover and how the black and lighter browns made the book seem like it ahd deeper texturing. ($9 each at TJM).
This picture shows the lamp and some items I gathered to make a vignette on the night stand. This is a buffet table I had and it just slid in this spot (44" wide). I had this mahogany candle holder for years and just waited for the right moment to use it. DH drilled a hole in the metal piece that holds a taper candle and inserted a thick copper wire for me. I wanted to mount a real shell on it.
This morning I picked up a real starfish that I wanted to put on the table and decided it would fit on that wire! This picture shows a standing a bit further back to show that night stand with a bit of the new bedding I am making (RL knockoff) to see how they looked together. The bed is not made, I just put everything on the bed quickly to take a picture and a feel for how all the parts go together.
The bedding is not complete (the bedskirt is the old turquoise one) will be replacing it. This gives me a view of what prospective homebuyers will see as they approach this 'staged' Master bedroom.


Chris said...

The room looks so lovely through the partially open door! Who wouldn't want to live there?

Your amazing talent for shopping is evident in the accessories so well chosen and placed. Mary Ruth, you never cease to amaze & delight!

Love ya girlfriend, CHris

Mary Ruth said...

Chris! Thanks! We are going to stay in the house through the winter. Things have changed to let us stay for a bit more.

Thanks about shopping. I still remember our fast shopping spree together! Miss you girlfriend!

Kat said...

Mary Ruth another Christmas in your house. Wonderful news that you have more time.
You know I think the entrance to your Master is divine! I love the feeling of space and your attention to detail.

Mary Ruth said...

Thanks! I have already been putting out my silver for the 'bling', now I will be able to enjoy it for US!
Thanks for visting! You are so kind!

"Maggie" said...

I love your kitchen photos, what color did you paint your walls. I currently am deciding on a color for the walls...

Love your blog,


Mary Ruth said...

It is #6128 Blonde, Sherwin Williams. I had it mixed in a gallon size and 75% of the color. The full color was too dark for my North facing kitchen. Thanks! And thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!

Soov said...

Wonderful, Mary Ruth. I just love your style.

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Hey, love those suitcases and your whole RL simulation! Great work!

Thanks for your comment today!


Mary Ruth said...

Thanks! Love your jewelry!
Thanks! I love the old suitcases! It is leather without the 'horse' influence that RL uses. Thanks for visiting!

I will check your Blogs again soon! What a way to spend a rainy afternoon (rain-storming here today!)


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