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Friday, September 5, 2008

My RL Polo kockoff linen!

Ralph Lauren, linen: Here is the REAL thing! Beautiful, crisp, and very layered and interesting. Notice that my attempt (picture below lower on the page after this one) does not look as crisp (nor professional!, but mine didn't cost over $1,200!)
I could not afford that amount so I set out to do my own... a copy!
This is Hawiian Barkcloth that I love. I got this one from eBay and it has orchids instead of roses (more to my style). Can't believe how close they are in mood and color! This fabric has a nice texture ($100% cotton) that us upholstery weight. Below is MY attempt at making this bedding! The bedding is NOT FINISHED yet! I am in progress but thought I would post this picture now.
I got (shopping with Judith!) the quilted blankets at Home Goods (a king for the king sized bed and a queen to cut up for the Euro shams).
I made my own cording (so don't look to closely at the seams!) This shows the bedding on my guest bed which is a queen. I am sewing in that room, so I wanted all the pieces there to assemble first. The white pillow has a black cording sewn on around the flange (made that by sewing on the pillow case that came with the white bedding I bought. Those pillows will have velcro closing.

The black and white striped fabric (couldn't find that exact scale online or at fabric stores in the area) so I bought black and white fabrics and cut out stripes at 3" wide and sewed them together, then added white cording.

The small pillow is just pinned closed because I was looking for leather luggage tag straps for that similar closing as the inspiration picture. I have found some on eBay, they may not be real leather, so I am waiting to find something, I might just make ties to close it till I get the right look.

In the picture the barkcloth is just folded and there is no pillow in it yet. The checked fabric is just loose (will hem that) and the black band is just a 'cumberbun' (has interfacing underneath to stiffen it) that is put on and then tucked in. They can be removed quickly to use the bed.

This bottom picture shows a pillow I made for my painted wingback chairs for the breakfast room. I made 3 of these from a bureau scarf (thick upholstery type fabric) I got a thrift store for $1.45! I used my current pillow stuffings for the interior and made the cording from cutting the sewn edge of the scarf. I think this pillow can be a good mix and match with above bedding.

Here is a lamp I picked up on sale at Kirklands that I thought would dress up this room.And here is a picture that is a (peek) preview of what is to come in the Master Bedroom. I just had this sepia photo ( matted and added it to one of my old frames (refinished).


Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful, Mary Ruth!
Kathleen Long Island, NY

Ellen Wigginton said...

Mary Ruth, your interpretation is fantastic! Please, please, please join us on our home dec sewing forum! We need your contributions! Kudos for finding the look you wanted and making it happen....and at a fraction of the cost!!!


Mary Ruth said...

Thanks for visiting! I love Long Island and visit there once a year around Thanksgiving!
Glad to see you here!

Mary Ruth said...

Is that forum on your Blog? I am going there right after I post your answer! Sounds great!

I used to sew years ago and make my own clothes and tried everything. I even made my prom gown from a Vogue pattern with white Borcade and an Emerald green Satin long cape for it! I was so scared and nervous that I would not get it done in time! My mother helped me but Vogue was a tough start for a teenager! It was just luxurious when done! It was so classy! It had the square arm hole, full length and Empire waste and everything cut on the bias with all kinds of interfacing! I haven't sewn like that in years! I worked full time and raised kids.

It sure is fun to sit at a sewing machine again though. I find that doing it in a slower pace feels good, very relaxing. I like the problem solving end of it too.

Thanks for visiting and see you on your Blog!

Ellen Wigginton said...

No, it' a separate site. My blog is old and I started it before I created the forum. Please do join us, all are welcome!


Ellen Wigginton said...

Uh, one more thing. Did you say PAINTED chair? Do tell.


Mary Ruth said...

Link to my other blog with 'painted furniture directions'!!!

Glenda~Many Fond Memories said...

Your attempt turned out so well I could hardly see the difference.

Wonderful, wonderful.


Mary Ruth said...

Thanks! I just LOVE this! I walk in the room and feel the difference! Thanks for the great comments and visiting my Blog!!!

Will post 'FINISHED' pictures soon!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Breathtaking! You did a fantastic job. I do the same as per taking ideas and bringing them down to my budget - in my case, waaay down! But I do not have your expertise and ability - not even close. You are an artist!

Mary Ruth said...

Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment! Glad you enjoyed viewing!
When the budget is tight I get more creative! I have to look harder for the parts and substitute.
Great to have you visit! Come by again!

Kat said...

Mary Ruth...I am constantly in awe of your amazing talents. I know how much work sewing can be...esp. in a bedroom. I like your take on RL better than the original! You paid careful attention to the details and pulled this off on a budget. Beautifully done!

Mary Ruth said...

Hi Kat, thanks for stopping by! You are such a sweetie for leaving such a wonderful comment! Thanks again!

I like it IRL. I can't wait to put it all together! Working on the dust ruffle now (men's charcoal gray pinstripe suit material)

Kat said...

OMG Mary Ruth....I love the fabrics that make up mens clothing. I often look at suits and see furniture, pillows and WTs!
You really are tempting me to redo my bedroom. Maybe next year. lol!
Thank you for visiting me!

Mary Ruth said...

Kat, I have saved the link to your Blog so I won't forget where it is!
Men's suit material made sense since this is not a frilly bed nor is it that feminine. I like the gray color of the pinstripe. And on the bedding I made a black band the cumberbun. I am getting into this type of pattern and style myself. I am going to work on similar for guest room bed.

Next year Kat! You have so much on your plate right now with that beautiful kitchen redo!

Linda Lou said...

Ahh! A girl after my own heart-love your Ralph Lauren re-do. Home Goods and TJ Maxx-way to go...just found your blog..will be back.

Mary Ruth said...

Thanks! and thanks for visting! Looking forward to seeing you again!

Judy said...

I love your RL "imitation" but to me it looks very professional....great job!


Debbie said...

Mary Ruth,

I love your home. It's so beautiful. I especially love the painted wingback chair. Can you tell me how to paint one and what fabric was originally on yours? Thank you so much!

Mary Ruth said...

Thanks debbie!
I love my winged back chairs, the dark brown shows their elegant and delicate lines.

I have some instructions here on my projects blog.

They were supposed to be temporary, but they are still holding up well and I wouldn't change them now! I love the slight worn look they are getting.

Darlene - Our Creative Life said...

WOW you are good!! That looks terrific!! Wanna help me with my master bedroom??? I redid both daughter's rooms for their b-days and mine is next.

Sonny said...

wooohooo .. I figured out where to leave a comment.. its the little things in life that thrill me, can ya tell.
So happy I finally found your blog.~! your home is DA BOMB ,MR.. You have such a classy style which I fully intend to mimic when my decor skills improve, giggle. thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I was tickled pink to see your name there.
Just sippin my coffee and going back to look at all your stunning decor..
Brightest Blessings
~ Sonny ~

Mary Ruth said...

Thanks Sonny!
I am glad to see you here too! I did have that house, but we sold it three months ago, we are looking in Florida next for our retirement house. Not ready to retire yet, but figured we could fix it up BEFORE retiring while we still can do physical work! ha ha

DH and I did all the flooring, moldings and yard work. I want to have it a bit easier for the next 'downsized' place!

I want more 'ME' time to learn photography and see more of my grand daughters!

Thanks for stopping by! See round the boards! I am watching your Blog now for your great projects!


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